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What is a Vehicle Fitting?

  • A Vehicle Fitting is a 2 to 4 hour assessment of fitting the driver to a recommended vehicle based on the driver’s abilities


Who is appropriate for a Vehicle Fitting?

  • Anyone can be appropriate for a vehicle fitting. Usually clients who utilize powered transportation, such as a power wheelchair or electric scooter will need a vehicle fitting in order to determine their driving set-up, entrance and exit from the vehicle (e.g. type of ramp), special adaptations for primary and secondary controls of the vehicle and the like


Why does someone need a Vehicle Fitting?

  • Not all vehicles are compatible with all adaptive equipment. It is crucial that the client undergo a fitting in order to ensure an appropriate interface between the vehicle to be modified, adaptive equipment to be installed, and their mobility aid, such as their wheelchair or scooter

  • Some of the recommended vehicle adaptations could include lifts; ramps; custom seating; steering devices, such as spinner knobs and other specially-designed handles for the steering wheel; hand controls; foot pedal extensions; special mirrors; extenders and extensions for dash controls; and other adaptive tools


When does a Vehicle Fitting occur?

  • A Vehicle Fitting usually occurs after a Driver Evaluation and when the client is ready to move forward with securing a vehicle to drive

Where can I learn more about Vehicle Fittings?

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