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Hi, just wanted to reach out and say “Wow,” I just completed my drivers rehab with Sandra.


Sandra was a pleasure to work with. She told me what I needed to install in my car in order to start my journey in driving with a left foot accelerator. But like anything else, if you have the drive to get back on the road and be more self reliant in getting around, then you need to call Sandra and she will give you an evaluation letting you know if you are able to drive safely on the road. If you’re like me, needing to know if you’re able to drive safely, you won’t be able to know unless you try. I’m glad I met Sandra; I no longer have to reply on friends or the handi-van to get around. But all in all, it’s up to you if you feel good behind the wheel and Sandra will help you get there.


God bless, Brian Sung

After putting off driving for so long and not having taken drivers ed, I decided it was finally time to learn how to drive before I left for college. I found Driver Rehab Hawaii and quickly knew I made the right decision.


Sandra was very flexible when it came to finding times and places to meet up between both of our schedules, which was very convenient for me. Going into the driving lessons, I was very anxious about driving because I wasn't confident about being behind the wheel, but Sandra really worked closely with me to make sure I was comfortable the whole lesson, and even took the time to ask how I learned best. We began the lessons slowly, and once I was more comfortable behind the wheel, we eventually found different routes, where I would be able to practice specific aspects of driving that I was having trouble with.


One of the things that Sandra helped me with the most was visually showing me what she was teaching me, for example parallel parking, and walking me through it slowly. By the end of the fourth lesson I could see a dramatic difference in both my confidence and techniques. Sandra's way of teaching was very professional and patient during all the lessons, but she still continued to encourage me to push myself. I would recommend Driver Rehab Hawaii to anyone looking to gain professional driving lessons and experience. It has changed the way I view driving, and helped me to become a responsible adult driver. 



Thank you for all of your help!

Taylor T