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What are Driver Training Sessions?

  • Driver Training Sessions usually occur in the vehicle, on the road, with the Certified Driver Rehabilitation Specialist. The client practices driving in various traffic conditions, as tolerated.


Who needs Driver Training Sessions?

  • The need for driver training sessions is determined after the client undergoes a Comprehensive Driver Evaluation

  •  For persons using adaptive equipment, training sessions are usually necessary in order for the client to learn to utilize the recommended equipment and confirm the equipment that will allow him/her to be independent and safe to drive


How long are the Driver Training Sessions?

  • Sessions are customized to the client’s need. They usually range from 1 to 2 hours of driving time


Why do I need to go through Driver Rehab Hawaii for Driver Training Sessions?

  • If it is recommended that you utilize adaptive equipment in order to assist you with driving, then you will likely need training sessions.  Regular Driver Education Instructors (such as the ones that teach teenagers to drive) do not have the adaptive equipment in their vehicles to train drivers. Additionally, they are not trained and certified in the field of driver rehabilitation. If someone or another program says they can perform  driver training using adaptive equipment, you should ask them to show you their certificate as a certified driver rehabilitation specialist.  


What is a Comprehensive Driver Evaluation?

  • A Comprehensive Driver Evaluation is an assessment of a person’s ability to drive, with or without adaptive equipment, and is based on their clinic and on-road performance

  • It is usually recommended after a significant change in medical condition

  • A person may require adaptive equipment in order to continue driving safely and independently. This is determined during the evaluation

Where can I learn more about Driver Training Sessions?

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