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What is a Comprehensive Driver Evaluation?

  • A Comprehensive Driver Evaluation is an assessment of a person’s ability to drive, with or without adaptive equipment, and is based on their clinic and on-road performance

  • It is usually recommended after a significant change in medical condition

  • A person may require adaptive equipment in order to continue driving safely and independently. This is determined during the evaluation


What occurs in the Clinic Assessment?

  • The Clinic Assessment is conducted at the Driver Rehab Hawaii office

  • Intake of the client’s medical history, driving history, and license status

  • Evaluations of physical, cognitive, visual, perceptual, and behavior abilities

  • Determination if adaptive equipment may be needed in order to be fit to drive


What occurs during the On-Road Assessment?

  • The On-Road Assessment is performed on a standard route

  • Client drives the Driver Rehab Hawaii’s evaluator vehicle

  • Adaptive equipment is utilized as appropriate

  • Various driving conditions and situations will be rendered


Who provides the Comprehensive Driver Evaluation?

  • Sandra Wataoka is the only Certified Driver Rehabilitation Specialist (CDRS) in the state of Hawaii. She is a registered Occupational Therapist (OTR) and also holds a certification as a Driver Instructor (CDI) from the state of Hawaii, Dept. of Transportation.  She has been practicing in the specialty field of driver rehabilitation for over 15 years. She previously developed and coordinated a program at a local hospital. Sandra also performs volunteer work at the state and national level. Visit the About Us section to learn more about Sandra’s background and expertise.


What is the difference between a Comprehensive Driver Evaluation versus a Clinic Only Driver Evaluation or one with a driver training instructor?

  • Comprehensive Driver Evaluations include both a Clinic and On Road portion, which should be conducted in order to obtain the proper information in order to make a determination regarding a person’s ability to drive safely and independently

  • A Certified Driver Rehabilitation Specialist who is an Occupational Therapist is a health care professional that has the knowledge and expertise to recognize how a medical condition and/or change in a person’s condition may affect driver safety. If someone or another program says they can perform a driver evaluation, you should ask them to show you their certificate as a CERTIFIED driver rehabilitation specialist 

  • Individual, customized plans are tailored to the client based on the evaluation

  • If a program only renders the Clinic Evaluation without the client actually driving in a vehicle, then the true ability of a person being able to drive on the road is not being assessed.  Using a simulator, especially a non-interactive simulator is not comparable to the realities of a driving environment

  • The Comprehensive Driver Evaluation includes the On Road assessment. The Certified Driver Rehabilitation Specialist can often provide compensatory strategies or recommend adaptive equipment to promote independent and safe driving


Where can I learn more about Comprehensive Driver Evaluations?

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